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Pocket Planet

playable in the Subway. a Solo game. Highly Replayable. playable in a submarine. Easy to Learn. not that Easy to Master.suitable from 8 to 888 years old. ideal for playing on a desert island.recommended by Mars explorers.playable in zero gravity. endorsed by all known Aliens.playable on a Palm Island. playable in a cave with a flashlight. 100% cards.playable without in-hand game playable in a red bus.a stress reliever for astronauts. playable on Mars. playable in a hot air balloon. playable in a whale's belly. a Print and Play game. sustainable and plastic free. a great present for my nephew. Print and Play.playable on a camel. playable in your office's toilets.color-blind friendly. translated in 6827 alien languages.
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For those who are fans of Palm Island, Terraforming Mars or Res Arcana,

Pocket Planet is the game you've been waiting for!

With a similar strategic focus on resource management and card manipulation, it's the perfect game for solo players looking for a new adventure, with gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Don't miss out on the interstellar excitement of Pocket Planet!

Eco responsible

No transportation, no CO2,

We will plant 1000 trees on Kepler4b-34 for each sold game

A fantastic present
Print it as many times as you want and offer it to your kids, friends, cousins, grand-mother, neighbours, clients.
Playable anywhere

including spaceships, the Moon, Mars, the ISS or your couch

Boost your space travels!

Pocket planet is the perfect way to bond with your alien crewmates on long space missions.

Fully Secured

With Pocket Planet, no risk to get any of your device hacked by a malware or to hurt your foot while walking on a meeple: it's 100% cards!


More than 4 trillions possible combinations! (true, do the math)

Ready for global warming

Resistant to fire, floods, full moon, black magic and earthquakes. You just need a printer closeby to print it again.

One-minute setup

Orient the cards, shuffle, place the Energy at the bottom, that's it: you"re ready to Blast-off!


Launching soon

Hello, I'm Frank, the visionary mind behind Pocket Planet, and I'm over the moon to witness this project's interstellar growth! Are you eager to be among the first to explore the universe with Pocket Planet and receive a complimentary playable edition of the game?

The process is as straightforward as a stellar breeze: resist the urge to click the button below; instead, kindly subscribe to our mailing list, and in return, you'll receive your very own free copy of the game.

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Discover the game

Discover more about the game play:

Video rules

Play anywhere!

Play Pocket Planet in any place around the world!

Share your craziest ideas on where to play Pocket Planet through our facebook page!

Join our Intergalactic Community

So what are you waiting for?

Follow trillions of aliens around the galaxies who have adopted Pocket Planet!

Blast off into the cosmos with Pocket Planet, the game that's guaranteed to take your solo gaming experience to the next level. It's a game that's as addictive as a black hole, but way more fun. Get ready to boldly go where no card game has gone before!

4 trillions
possible combinations (not kidding, do the math)
Happy Clients
counting my friends & family
Awards Won
including "best game with 'Pocket' and 'Planet' in the name"
Projects Done
This is my 1st project!

Why choose Pocket Planet?

10 reasons to play Pocket Planet:
  1. Pocket planet is the perfect way to bond with your alien crewmates on long space missions.
  2. Pocket planet is the ultimate cure for boredom on long interstellar flights.
  3. Pocket planet is the only game that can keep you entertained on a trip to Jupiter and back.
  4. Pocket planet is perfect for those who want to rule the galaxy from the comfort of their own spaceship.
  5. Pocket planet is so addictive, you'll forget you're hurtling through space at warp speed.
  6. Pocket planet is the ultimate stress reliever for astronauts dealing with the pressures of life in space.
  7. Pocket planet is the game that all alien civilizations will envy once they see you playing it.
  8. Pocket planet is the game that will make you forget all about Earth and its problems.
  9. Pocket planet is the game that will make you the coolest astronaut in the galaxy.
  10. Pocket planet is the perfect way to prove to your alien neighbours that humans are the best gamers in the universe.!
In your pocket
Whether you're exploring the far reaches of the universe or just chilling on your couch, Pocket Planet is always there for you.

It's like Res Arcana and Palm Planet had a baby, and that baby was raised by a pack of intergalactic space wolves.

Print & Play

You don't have a printer? We have everything planned: You can still play Pocket planet simply by rotating 18 screens.


Recommended by all known alien races and exoplanet explorers.

Color-blind Friendly

So that all reptilian aliens can play without having to wear bionic eyes.

1-minute Setup

Orient the cards, shuffle, put the energy card at the bottom. Your're ready to play!


all you need are your hands....and a sense of adventure.

24/7 Support

We may read your message 24 minutes every 7 years. We don't garantee we'll answer you.

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