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Congratulations, space explorers!

You are about to embark on an extraordinary journey as one of the privileged few to receive the exclusive Pocket Planet prototype in this vast galaxy. Prepare to witness the birth of a cosmic empire!

Now, here's a vital tip to ensure a smooth printing experience:

Make sure to set your printing preferences to "recto verso" and choose the option to flip on the long side.

This will ensure that all the game elements align perfectly and maximize your gaming pleasure.

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Updated May, 15th 2023

Explore uncharted territories, harness the power of celestial resources, and outwit rival explorers in your quest for galactic dominance!

Join the intergalactic community by sharing your experiences, triumphs, and discoveries on our official Facebook group.

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May the stellar winds guide you, and may your journey through Pocket Planet be filled with infinite joy, excitement, and celestial triumphs!